Raspberry Anne

Raspberry Anne

The largest, sweetest fruit, it matures at the same time as 'Heritage.'

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For one of the best varieties of golden raspberries, many gardeners plant Anne Raspberries. They were bred through cooperation of four different state agricultural programs. People who grow it say that the Anne Raspberry is one of the best-tasting golden raspberries available. Hands-down the best-tasting yellow Raspberry, 'Anne' is also highly productive, ripening at the same time as 'Heritage.' The fruit is large, pale yellow, and super sweet, superb for eating fresh or for canning on an everbearing plant.

This Raspberry reaches about 4 feet tall, and appreciates a spring pruning for summer production or a complete cutback (it can be mowed down) for fall crops. If pruned in late winter, it sets one crop in early summer and another in late summer to fall.

Developed by the cooperative breeding program of 4 states (Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, and Wisconsin), 'Anne' is widely adapted and very dependable, with extra-large, pale yellow berries in great numbers. Give it a try this season for a new look and extra-sweet flavor from your berry patch! Zones 4-10.