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Anthericum (St. Bernard Lily)

ANTHERICUM (St. Bernard Lily) Liliaceae A. liliago

HABITAT: Alp Mountains. Zone 6-9.

USES: Perennial borders, rock gardens, naturalized areas.

HABIT: Fleshy, tuberous rooted to 18-24" which bear 1-1 1/2" snow white blossoms atop slender stems surrounded by grass like foot long foliage. The flower clusters bloom about 8 weeks from spring to midsummer.

SEED GERMINATION & CULTURE: For best results, sow ripe seed (in fall) indoors on moistened Park's Grow Mix. Keep moist and maintain 50-55 degree temperature within the medium during the germination period. Transplant seedlings when 2" tall to flats filled with garden loam, leaf mold, and sand (or a commercially prepared soil mix with sand added), spacing plants 3" apart. Set plants outdoors in the spring. Plant in partial to heavy shade in light and very rich soil with humus (leaf mold, compost, peat moss, etc.) added. Keep moist during the summer. Cut back old flower stalks. Mulch late in winter with old manure or leaf mold. From seed to flower 2-3 years. Set tubers 3-6" deep and 3-6" apart. Feed with an all purpose garden fertilizer when plant emerges and lift and divide old clumps in March or October. Anthericum does not like hot, dry summers. In northern areas, dig, dry, and store in a dry and cool area over winter.

SPECIES: A. ramosus: 18". White. June-July.
A. Liliastrum = Paradisia liliastrum (St. Bruno's Lily)..

INSECTS: Aphids: For best results use an approved insecticide such as Malathion or Rotenone for control.
Thrips: For best results use an approved insecticide such as Sevin or Malathion for control.
Slugs: For best results use a bait.
Bulb Mite: For best results use an approved insecticide such as Diazinon for control..

DISEASES: Botrytis Blight: Improve spacing for air circulation. Improve soil drainage. Apply every 7-10 days an approved fungicide such as Zineb or Captan for control.
Bulb Rot: Destroy infected plants and parts. Improve drainage and improve air circulation by spacing and dust with Captan prior to planting.

PROPAGATION: Stolons, division, seed.