Appalachian Red Eastern Redbud

Appalachian Red Eastern Redbud

Brilliant Spring Blooms and Fall Foliage!

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A magnificent presence in the early spring garden, this Redbud welcomes another season of garden beauty with a blaze of deep fuchsia-red blooms that appears before the foliage on slender, dark brown branches. An arresting sight in any setting, it is certain to become a focal point of your landscape!

The blooms are much brighter than the species on this selection of the native Eastern Redbud. Appalachian Red was discovered by accident (as so many of the great plants are!) growing alongside a road in Maryland, and was eventually released by the University of Tennessee. Gardeners have been reaping the rewards ever since!

This shrub is densely branched and well shaped. It will eventually reach 15 to 25 feet high and wide, or may be pruned back to smaller size. It begins flowering very young, and the blooms are simply breathtaking. Cut all you like for the vase -- Appalachian Red always has plenty to spare!

As the blooms pass, handsome heart-shaped foliage of bluish-green arises, keeping its fresh color all spring and summer. In autumn, when the chilly weather arrives, the leaves turn buttery yellow for many weeks before falling in winter!

Three seasons of beauty is a lot to expect from a simple shrub, but we think Appalachian Red tries hard for a fourth with its attractive winter silhouette. The long, slender, densely held branches are lovely in the landscape!

Use Appalachian Red as an exclamation point in the garden, a mass planting along the driveway, a street planting, or even a perimeter line. This hardy native withstands heat, humidity, and poor soil, standing up effortlessly to pests and diseases. An award-winner, it has already stood the test of time and been found beautiful! Zones 4-9.