Apple Fruit Trees

Handsome foliage, beautiful blossoms, and fresh, flavorful fruits

Apple Fruit Trees are valued not only for their delicious fruits but also for their ornamental beauty. They fit perfectly into almost any landscape and are always welcome additions in edible gardens. Apple trees come in a variety of sizes, from garden size to container size, including columnar varieties that have virtually no branches and bear fruit along the main trunk. But no matter what the size or shape, these attractive fruit trees produce handsome foliage and delicate blossoms followed by fresh, colorful, and flavorful fruits. They make excellent accent and specimen plants, and they create an especially charming display when espaliered against a courtyard wall.

Since apple trees require cross-pollination at blossom time for fruit to develop, Park Seed offers apple tree kits to make apple growing easy. Each kit contains two popular, mutually beneficial varieties that work best together to produce the heaviest crops possible.