Aqua Pad Water-Absorbing Mats - Pack of 5

Aqua Pad Water-Absorbing Mats - Pack of 5

Water your potted plants and hanging baskets once a week . . . or less!

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Okay, I have to confess that I didn't put much stock in this little fabric square until I saw it in action. I just couldn't believe the claims that it could hold up to a quart of water -- and then release it, slowly and accurately, when needed! Well, I was wrong. It really works, eliminating about 85% of your watering chores -- not to mention saving your plants' lives when you go on vacation or simply forget to water them on schedule!

Here's how it works: the super-absorbent fabric holds up to 16 ounces of water. As the soil dries out, it wicks up, and plants roots reach it. So you never overwater the plants or waterlog the soil, but you've got a 7 to 10 day reserve of water right in the container! Amazing!

To use the Aqua Pad, just put a little soil in the base of your container, lay the pad on top of it (cutting it to fit a small pot or using more than one pad for larger containers), and then cover the pad with an inch of soil. Then water it in, slowly and thoroughly, until water begins draining out the bottom of the pot. Then plant and fill the container with soil as you would normally, and water in your new planting. You're now set to go for a full week or more!

You can really use Aqua Pad in one of two ways: as a time-saver, so that you water only once a week or even longer, or as an emergency measure for those times when the plant will be forgotten. If you want to do this, just water as you would normally. You'll know that should you ever need it, you've got a reservoir of water waiting for your plant!

Each pad lasts an entire season, so they're perfect for just about any potted plant, from annuals to perennials and houseplants that receive a yearly repotting and freshening up of the soil. Since they're so near the bottom of the pot, you can remove and replace them without disturbing the plant's roots at all!

Aqua Pads are sold in sets of 5, and however many you get, I bet you'll find yourself wishing you had more! Happy non-watering!

Dimensions: 6�" Square.