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Arapaho Blackberry Shrub

Arapaho Blackberry Shrub

The Earliest and Most Delicious!

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Arapaho beats all other blackberries to harvest, and you reap the delicious rewards! Its extra-large, very firm, small-seeded fruit begins to ripen in late May, so before spring is out you are already harvesting the delectable berries. You just can't beat it for getting canning (or fresh eating!) season off to a roaring start!

This is a thornless blackberry, making picking the berries painless, and the fruit is quite firm, so you don't have to be ultra-gentle to harvest it (a big advantage for children and busy gardeners!). The fruit arises on self-supporting plants that attach by suckering and always turn out a bumper crop.

Reaching 4 to 5 feet high and 4 to 7 feet wide, this shrub quickly establishes in the sunny garden, setting white flowers in mid-spring, quickly followed by extra-large, very firm, red to black fruits. You will absolutely thrill to the flavor of these delicious berries!

Arapaho offers another season of beauty beyond the fruit. In autumn, the leaves of this shrub turn rich shades of burgundy before dropping. Lovely! You will love this ultra-reliable, attractive, super-early blackberry! Zones 5-7.