Arctic Blaze® Fuchsia Salvia

Arctic Blaze® Fuchsia Salvia

Repeats over 3 Seasons!

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We don't often say this, but Arctic Blaze® Fuchsia Salvia (what a mouthful!) is one perennial that every garden south of zone 5 deserves. There is simply nothing quite like it; it's a breeding breakthrough that brings you repeat flowering over 3 seasons. This sage is the gardener's equivalent of finding money in the street: effortless color that just keeps returning!

Arctic Blaze® is a series that combines the larger, brighter blooms of annual Salvia species with the hardiness of perennial types. The results are beneficial in both appearance and performance. And Fuchsia is the most magnificent of all: these flowers really are that rich, deep shade of hot pink we think of in Fuchsias. They arise on the very ends of dark mahogany to maroon stems above an airy base of foliage, radiating warm color in the sunny garden. So lovely!

The show begins in late spring in most climates, continuing over several repetitions through summer and then going right into fall, lasting until hard frost. It's an unprecedented display for any sage, and indeed just about any flowering plant in the garden!

The blooms have the classic two-lipped sage form, and their stems are flexible, making them great additions to bouquets and indoor arrangements of all kinds. Of course the pollinators just adore them -- expect to capture many good snapshots of butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds sipping nectar from these blooms!

Arctic Blaze® Fuchsia reaches about 2 feet high and spreads fully 3 feet wide, offering great mass coverage for sunny meadows and open areas that need some color (without a lot of work). It's a great choice for a street island, that neglected strip beside the driveway, and perimeter plantings for the vegetable patch. Good bugs flock to this plant, which benefits all its neighbors in the garden, too!

Compact, free-flowering, and simply tireless, this is a Salvia you've got to try. We give it our highest recommendation, and look forward to hearing from gardeners about how it performs in their gardens. Zones 6-11.