ARISTOLOCHIA (JacDutchman's Pipe, Duck, Goose, Pelican Flower, Calico Flower) Aristolochiaceae A. species

HABITAT: Native to North America., Brazil, West Indies. Zones dependent on species.

USES: Shade, screen, foliage, novelty.

HABIT: Twining vine with large, alternate leaves and flowers in shape of a small pipe or swan. Flower colors and shapes vary with species.

SEED GERMINATION AND CULTURE: Sow in spring about 3 weeks before last frost date. Cover seed lightly with Grow Mix and place in a warm location about 70 degrees to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Germination enhanced by gentle bottom heat. Transplant when large enough to handle or sow direct to peat pots or pellets and shift to larger 4" peat pots when roots emerge from pot walls. Then, set out in sun or shade and any type of soil with good drainage. Keep watered and fertilize established plants in early spring with a handful of 5-10-5 fertilizer scattered around the base of each plant. Water in well.

Provide strong supports and early guidance as needed. Thin and cut back as needed to reduce density. Prune spring or summer. Growth rate rapid but slow to start.

SPECIES: A. durior (Dutchman's Pipe): Twining vine to 30'. Zone 4. Large, dark green, rounded leaves. Hook-shaped purplish-brown or yellowish-green 1 1/2-3" flowers with 1-3 flowers in a leaf axil (joint). Flowers resemble small pipes and are attractive, though having a vile odor. Late summer. Central USA.
A. elegans (Calico Dutchman's Pipe): Vine to 20'. Zone 9. 3" bright green leaves. 3" purplish-yellow flowers, scentless.
A. grandiflora (Pelican Dutchman's Pipe, Swan Flower, Goose Flower, Duck Flower). Vine. Zone 8. Tall, lush. Immense, swan-like flowers are white, blotched with purple to 20" across suspended on a greenish-yellow hooked tube. Offensive odor.
A. serpentaria (Virginia Snakeroot): Vine. Zone 4. Alternate, heart-shaped leaves. Greenish s-shaped flowers. New York-Florida. A. Sipho = A. durior.

INSECTS: Caterpillars: Use an approved insecticide such as Thuricide or Sevin.
Scale: Use an approved insecticide such as Malathion.
Mealy Bug: Use an approved insecticide such as Malathion or Sevin.

DISEASES: Blight: Use an approved fungicide such as Maneb or Zineb.
Root Rot: Destroy infected plants. Treat soil with an approved fumigant.
Leaf Spot: Spray with Bordeaux Mixture, Captan, Fermate.

PROPAGATION: Cutting, division, seed.