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Arizona™ Sun Hummingbird Mint Seeds

A fantastically fragrant, compact pollinator magnet

(P) Pkt of 25 seeds
Item # 51020-PK-P1
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It's a wonderful time to be growing hummingbird mint. Every season an exciting new variety seems to appear on the scene, each one is distinctly different (and just a little better) than all others. When Arizona Sun made its debut, it complemented the last season's Arizona Sunset (confusing, we know) with solid yellow blooms and an even more enticing fragrance on super-compact plants.

Just 8 to 10 inches high and wide, this drought-tolerant, deer-resistant, hummingbird and butterfly magnet blooms heavily from early summer through early fall. You can start it from seed in late winter indoors and get a full season of blooms the first year—in fact, since it is hardy only in zones 6 through 9, it's perfect for growing as an annual everywhere else. So much color, scent, and pollinator magnetism in such a small package.

Ideal for containers, Arizona Sun sports long, soft yellow blooms, tube-shaped and redolent of licorice. The foliage is even more fragrant, making a fine addition to indoor arrangements as well as containers and garden beds. You'll smell it before you see it, and all summer long your garden will boast an irresistible.

Arizona Sun is easy to grow. Start the seeds indoors, transplant when the spring soil warms up, and it will even bloom for you the first year. Arizona Sun loves heat, needs good soil drainage, and doesn't mind wet, cold, or even drought. Deer and other nibbling animals tend to leave it alone, thanks to the scented foliage. It's very low maintenance, and will thrive happily for years, bringing pollinators on the wing all season long. Highly recommended.