Arkansas Blue Star

Arkansas Blue Star

3 Seasons of Changing Color!

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Arkansas Blue Star is a magnificent choice for the sunny border. A perennial with the look and long life of a shrub, it is low maintenance, deer- and drought-resistant, and beautiful three seasons a year. You just can't find a harder working, more naturally lovely plant.

The show begins in late spring with this hard-working native plant. After the blue-green foliage leafs out, it quickly is topped by masses of tiny, sky-blue blooms. In summer, the finely-cut, feathery foliage turns dark green, forming a rich backdrop for annuals and perennials. And in fall, the leaves turn a blazing golden-yellow that rivals Japanese Maples for intensity and beauty!

About the size of a small shrub, Arkansas Blue Star Flower reaches 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide, with a bushy, unfussy habit that gives little hint of the riches it has in store for you. A good neighbor in the border or bed (it is not invasive, but can hold its own with competing roots), it is especially attractive planted among ornamental grasses and in front of fragrant shrubs.

Content in any well-drained soil receiving full sun to light shade, Arkansas Blue Star Flower tolerates dry soil and drought once established. It is generally unpalatable to deer, but butterflies and bees simply cannot get enough. Soft to the touch, billowy and beautiful, is an all-season investment in the landscape. Plant several -- spacing them about 3 feet apart -- for a glorious ribbon of fall color! Zones 5-9.