Aromatnaya Russian Quince

Aromatnaya Russian Quince

Needs no pollinator to fruit heavily beginning just 2 to 3 years after planting.

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'Aromatnaya' is easy to cultivate and exceptional in flower and fruit, a Russian Quince that needs no pollinator, offers attractive blooms in addition to its fruits, and is a very heavy bearer. This small tree from Russia begins spring with large white blooms, followed by huge, waxy, highly fragrant yellow fruit with a sweet citrus aroma and delicious lemony flavor. Quince is used in jams and baked goods in much of Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, but the tender, fruit of this tree is so delicious you will probably eat it raw!

'Aromatnaya' is one of the most disease-resistant Russian Quinces, and is entirely self-fertile, needing no pollinator to set fruit. Expect it to begin fruiting 2 to 3 years after planting. Easy, distinctive, and fun! Zones 4-9.