Arp Rosemary (pack of 3)

Arp Rosemary (pack of 3)

Fragrant, Long-lived, and Cold-hardy!

Renowned for its fragrance, adaptability, and cold hardiness, Arp is the rosemary preferred by cooks and gardeners alike! This classic name lives up to its exalted reputation by quickly growing into a dense, beautifully rounded shrub that stands up to tough winters, rough weather, and other stresses without losing one iota of its beauty, scent, or flavor.

The hunter-green leaves of this shrub are small, pointed, and profuse on long, stiff stems. Very fragrant, they are excellent for fresh seasoning or for drying as spice. They keep the shrub dense and colorful year-round, and their small size makes Arp a good candidate for topiary. If you've never tried "shaping" a shrub before, this is the one to experiment on!

By midsummer, clear blue blooms dot the plant, so the best time to harvest the foliage is just before the flowers really take over. But fear not -- this is a long-lived shrub, so you can plan to emphasize the flowering one year and use it as a seasoning the next, or simply cut the foliage on an as-needed basis. The choice is yours. Rosemary Arp is sturdy, vigorous, and prepared to adapt.

Expect Arp to reach 3 to 4 feet high and wide, forming a rounded, pleasingly symmetrical shape that makes it an excellent choice for containers and more formal settings. It loves the vegetable patch, where it serves as a pest repellent while sharing its rich scent with neighboring plants. And it makes a natural companion to annual and perennial flowering plants anywhere in the garden.

Like all Rosemary plants, Arp likes plenty of sunshine and very well-drained soil. If the soil is allowed to dry out a bit between deep waterings, all the better. It will be quite carefree once established, provided the soil drains well and it gets all the sunshine your garden has to offer!

Enjoy this long-lived, fragrant, useful herb everywhere in the sunny garden as well as your best containers. Although this is marketed as an annual for all climates, it is hardy in zones 6-10. Each pot contains 1 plant. Contains three 4-inch pots.