Arundo (Giant Reed)

ARUNDO (Giant Reed) Graminaceae A. species

HABITAT: Native to New Zealand, Madagascar, Africa, Asia, S. Europe. Zone 6.

USES: Ornamental.

HABIT: Ornamental, stiffly upright grasses with bamboo-like stems to 12’ or more clothed with long, narrow bright green leaves and topped with feathery plumes of flowers in summer-fall.

SEED GERMINATION AND CULTURE: Set out plants 3-4’ apart in moist, sandy loam with humus (leaf mold, peat moss, compost) added. Keep moist at all times.

SPECIES: A. conspicua (New Zealand Reed) 8’. Zone 8. Silver gray flower plumes, July-August. Deep, moist soil. Resembles Pampas Grass.
A. donax (Giant Reed) 10’. Zone6. Brownish-white flower plumes, September. Give winter protection in colder zones. Variety “versicolor” has variegated green/white leaves.

INSECTS: Not generally a problem.

DISEASES: Leaf Spot: Use an approved fungicide such as Maneb, Zineb.
Root Rot, Rust: Use an approved fungicide such as Maneb, Benlate.