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Asimina Paw Paw Shenandoah

Asimina Paw Paw Shenandoah

Delicious fruit tree!

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This early ripening, delicious fruit tree is perfect for the backyard orchard! Apart of the custard apple family, it adapts to temperate climates. This fruit is a banana-like flavor with a creamy like flesh. It is very nutritious and is packed with high protein and many vitamins and minerals. Even the leaves are large, green, and beautiful! This low maintenance tree is not bothered by pests or diseases. Not only is it a stately and lovely looking tree but birds and butterflies alike will flock to its sweet scent and the cover of its leaves. It is the largest native American fruit and is pretty popular. Use it as a privacy boarder or as foliage interest but either way you'll have unique, delicious fruit in your own backyard.