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Asparagus Knife

Asparagus Knife

Top Quality Multi-Purpose Tool!

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It is our honor to present a selection of fine gardening tools manufactured by Burgon & Ball using only the finest materials: carbon-forged steel blades and sustainably harvested (FSC approved) hardwood handles. This asparagus knife will last a lifetime, and possibly be handed down to your gardening great-grandchildren!

Like all great garden tools, the asparagus knife begins life as one thing and then becomes many, many others once it is put to use. We DO use it for harvesting asparagus, but that is only the beginning. The serrated edge of this 12-inch curved blade is excellent for sawing through tough plant stems, neatly severing twine and twist-ties, and even cutting rows in freshly turned soil. The razor-sharp blunt end, on the other hand, does the delicate work of cutting flowers, vegetable stems, deadheading, and dividing bulbs. A true all-purpose garden tool, always in our wheelbarrow!

The Asparagus Knife comes with a 5-year warranty, as well as detailed care instructions for extending the life of this tool. But one look shows you that this is a lifetime tool, easy to grip and a pleasure to use. You will find it becomes one of your go-tos! Weight 5.6 ounces.