Astilbe Milk and Honey

Astilbe 'Milk and Honey'

Beautiful summer blooms.

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A member of Astilbe chinensis, this late-blooming species is perfect for extending your garden bloom time into late summer. The creamy pale white plumes will turn a delicate light pink as they age. The foliage is deeply incises, coarsely textured, and often bronze-green in color. Contrasting beautifully with the light colored plumes on top.

Its garden performance is best in moist soil and partial shade. Use it to dress up your beds and borders with light feathery texture! Or use it in a container or even cut for an arrangement for more visual interest. The bronze green foliage and pale pink and white blooms will brighten up your summer garden with plenty of lovely pastels. 'Milk and Honey' will make your garden a promise land of beauty and uniqueness.