Athyrium Burgundy Lace

Athyrium Burgundy Lace

Shocking Fern With Rare Colors!

3 1/2-inch Pot
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All we can say about this fern, is that it lives up to its name! This Japanese Painted fern really does look as if someone painted it, because its maroon and silver tones are simply unbelievable.

Like most ferns, it enjoys full to part shade and is perfect for a woodland area or your shade garden. The spring fronds emerge a purple-burgundy tone with silver streaks, before maturing to a soft grayish-green. Even as the leaves turn to green, they keep their purple ribs and silver sheen. It's a beautiful color show all season long! And it's great for those gardeners who get tired of the same plants with the same colors for a whole season. This plant will keep you guessing, and keep you surprised again and again with unusual color!