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Atomic Mix Veronica

Atomic Mix Veronica

Set out Spikes of Gorgeous Color

Pack of 3
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The Atomic Ray Series is a selection of hybrid Speedwell bred by Jan Verschoor, a renowned plantsman in the Netherlands. Hybrids of the "spiked Speedwell," V. spicata, these plants were all chosen for exceptional form and color, then bred to be easy to grow and very low maintenance. These sun-loving perennials form compact, well-branched clumps and then grow upright in a disciplined manner, blooming like clockwork from the bottom of the raceme up to the top.

The Atomic Ray mix includes seven colors: 'Amethyst', 'Hot Pink', 'Pinkish White', 'Pink', 'Red', 'Silvery Pink', and 'Sky'. The array of purple, pink, blue, white, and red blooms creates a whole composition in itself. Perfect for beds, borders, or meadow plantings, this Speedwell mix looks great as a mass effect--the more of it you plant, the better! And these hardy, long-lived perennials will keep coming back year after year to put on their impressive display. The blooms themselves are even long-lived!

The flowering begins in early summer in most climates and continues for many weeks. Shear the plants in midsummer to encourage new basal growth and more flowers on through late summer. Veronica is a long-lasting cutflower as well as a garden and container standout, and these blooms contrast nicely with Roses, Peonies, Echinacea, Poppies, and other early summer bloomers.

The long, sinuous bloom wands arise in great numbers all over plants, rising above the tidy leaves in rays of pink, blue, white, and red. This profusion of blooms will result in a butterfly haven! But don't worry--deer and other nibblers will leave these plants alone. These healthy hybrids also have good resistance to problems like powdery mildew and rust.

Be sure to plant these Speedwells in full sun or only minor shade, as light is crucial to encouraging their best blooms. Use average, well-drained soil. Height: 16 to 20 inches. Spacing: 12 inches. Zones 3 to 9. Note: The Atomic Ray series is registered with the COPF, and unlicensed propagation is prohibited.