Hosta Shadowland® Autumn Frost

Hosta Shadowland® Autumn Frost

Bred by master Hosta plantsman H. Hansen!

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With a classic pedigree and unbeatable curb appeal, this beautifully variegated Hosta is a treasure in any setting. 'Autumn Frost' begins spring with wide buttery yellow margins that fade to pure white during the summer months. A vigorous tetraploid, it is just the perfect accent for the shade border, woodland garden, or your finest container.

'Autumn Frost' is a sport of 'First Frost,' the 2010 Hosta of the Year. 'First Frost,' in turn, is descended from the classic 'Halcyon,' the blue-leaved Hosta by which all others are judged. Such lineage presages great things, and 'Autumn Frost' does not disappoint, with thick, substantial pointed leaves of frosty blue with wide, irregular variegation along the edges. Magnificent!

'Autumn Frost' reaches about 12 inches high, and is topped in mid to late summer by lavender blooms on 12- to 16-inch scapes. Although not particularly showy in themselves, the flowers do bring in the hummingbirds reliably! This foliage plant reaches fully 24 inches wide at maturity, and like all Hostas, improves each year in leaf texture and density.

Bred by Hans Hansen, 'Autumn Frost' is a tetraploid. This means that it has twice the chromosomes of traditional diploid Hosta varieties, giving it greater vigor, stronger color, better layering, and more tolerance of adversity. You will find it superbly tolerant of heat, humidity, drought, wind, and cold. It is very long-lived, and easy to divide if needed.

Give 'Autumn Frost' a special place in your garden. Best in half to full shade, it is a rare combination of steely blue and warm golden-yellow that really glows in low light. Combine it with yellow-, blue-, and purple-leaved plants for a terrific color show, or plant it in groups of 3 to 7 for a breathtaking display of lush, verdant foliage.