Hibiscus Azurri Blue Satin®

Hibiscus Azurri Blue Satin®

The First Ever Seedless Rose of Sharon!

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A spectacular shrub for any sunny setting, this first-ever seedless Rose of Sharon offers oversized color and great garden performance!

Deep blue flowers fully 9 inches wide simply cover this 8- to 12-foot-high plant all summer! Azurri Satin® is sterile, so it concentrates all its energy on setting more flowers instead of making seeds. The result is an incredible display that can continue for months!

Ideal in the hot, sun-soaked garden, this Rose of Sharon loves heat and humidity. Given plenty of water and good soil drainage, it will flower tirelessly into autumn in many climates!

The blooms combine soft blue with a crimson eye that haloes outward onto the base of each petal. And although they are sterile, the blooms are still filled with nectar, attracting butterflies! Use this tall, rather narrow (6 feet wide) shrub in the foundation, as a specimen or accent, beside the pool, and in any sunny spot! It is largely untroubled by pests and disease, adapting to a wide range of environmental stresses.

Space these shrubs about 4 to 5 feet apart for dense coverage. Zones 5-9.