Bamboo Kitchen Composter

Bamboo Kitchen Composter

Start Composting Right in Your Kitchen!

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It can be a pain to separate organic material from the rest of your trash and drag it out to your compost bin or pile. Now you don't have to! Store all your food scraps in this chic Bamboo Pail, and the composting process will get started indoors. When your bin gets full, simply grab the sturdy handle, take the convenient 3-quart pail outside and put it on your larger compost pile (or start one!)

The inner chamber of the bin makes a perfect digestion chamber where leftover organic material from your kitchen can be recycled. The smooth plastic inner liner and the charcoal filters in the lid trap and eliminate odors while also letting in enough air to keep the aerobic bacteria working. The plastic liner is easy to clean, and the charcoal filters are easily replaceable.

Made from real bamboo that will accent any counter top. Dimensions: 11¼" High x 8" Diameter x 9½" Wide. Weight: 4 pounds