Bean Frencher

Bean Frencher

Turn Tough, Thick Pods into Elegant French Beans!

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Love French beans straight from your garden but hate the one-by-one intricate knife work? Our Bean Frencher lets you crank out -- literally! -- multiple long, elegant French string beans effortlessly! It's a great solution at the end of the season, when you're picking those final thick-podded, tough green beans. And if you like to can, the Bean Frencher is an absolute necessity!

The Bean Frencher needs no power source other than your arm. It clamps onto any surface up to 1¼ inches wide, the heavy cast aluminum frame anchoring easily. Then just turn the crank, and let the stainless-steel blades slice your garden harvest into micro-thin strips of tender deliciousness!

The Bean Frencher diassembles easily, and it's a breeze to clean in warm soapy water (just let it air dry). It stores in a compact space, but you may find yourself hauling it out year-round. It holds 3 to 4 beans at a time, so you can feed it almost continuously from the colander or bushel basket, and yield a big bowl of French beans in no time.

This mill measures 3 inches deep, 3¼ inches high, and 6 inches wide (including the crank). It is designed to last a lifetime, and is trouble-free. Gardeners and cooks have relied on it for generations. Join the tradition, and tenderize those beans!