Bean Seeds

Easy to Grow, Nutritious, and Great for the Soil!

Versatile, easy to grow and packed with fiber, protein (including the amino acid lysine) and numerous other nutrients, beans can produce all summer and may be eaten fresh or stored for many months. Thriving in the gar[en or containers, beans are grown in two ways: vining (pole bean seeds) or mounding (bush bean seeds), boasting an array of colors, flavors, shapes and sizes. The three main bean groups are snap or string (eaten pod and all), green bean seeds (intended to be eaten young) and dry bean seeds (meant to be eaten after the seeds inside have dried out).

Bean seeds are one of the easiest to plant and grow in the vegetable garden. The large bean seeds will germinate dependably if planted after the last frost. The plants grow quickly to give large crops of delicious beans. Choose bush bean seeds if you prefer plants that don’t require support. Plant pole bean seeds if you prefer the vining type plant perfect for space-saving vertical planting. Enjoy your beans either fresh from the garden or preserve them for fabulous flavor all year long.