Beautiful Dreamer Hybrid Tea Rose (pack of 5)

Beautiful Dreamer Hybrid Tea Rose (pack of 5)

Licorice-scented, Long-stemmed Double Blooms!

Pack of 5
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One of the best roses for the deep south, humid midwest, and rainy Pacific northwest, Beautiful Dreamer is an award winner with exquisite color and fragrance. Not only is this hybrid tea ideal for cutflowers, its mildew-free foliage looks great in the garden from spring 'til frost.

Bred by our friends at Jackson & Perkins, Beautiful Dreamer was named the 2014 Rose of the Year®, and has been a favorite of gardeners across the country ever since. It's easy to see why: the blooms reach 5 inches wide, with a strong anise (licorice) scent and 35 to 40 petals each. The flowers open on strong, straight stems 14 to 16 inches long -- perfect for elegant bouquets!

And Beautiful Dreamer is quite garden-worthy, with peachy-pink buds arising freely on a tall, well-branched plant. The foliage is dark green and quite small, standing up well to moisture throughout summer. You will love its low-maintenance presence in your landscape!

The name of this rose comes from a classic Stephen Foster song: "Beautiful dreamer, wake unto me, starlight and dewdrops are awaiting thee." We think the old-fashioned romance of these lyrics is the perfect complement to the color and form of these glorious blooms! Enjoy this showstopper for seasons to come!

Bred and grown to the same standards as our full-priced rose plants, this value bundle has slightly smaller canes and just needs a little more time to catch up! Like our full-priced roses, they'll bloom flawlessly their first season, and by next year, they'll be absolutely indistinguishable from plants costing twice as much.