Tulip Beauty of Spring

Tulip 'Beauty of Spring'

Green Base Matures to Soft Cream!

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Darwin Hybrids are the kings of the tulip garden, and Beauty of Spring is worthy of a crown. This magnificent variety -- a sport of the old favorite Jewel of Spring, but much more brilliantly colored -- slowly turns from pale green to white and finally a creamy shade, all the while feathered in bold orange along each petal edge. There is no other bloom like it in the bulb garden, and it's so long-lasting!

Nearly 2 feet tall, this tulip offers very thick, sturdy stems and lush green foliage forming an elegant skirt around the blooms. The flowers open from orange buds, revealing their green-to-white base only when they begin to assume their chalice shape. But as the days pass, first the green vanishes, then the white turns to a rich cream. Gorgeous!

These blooms are great for cutting, but also make a majestic statement in the garden or patio container. They bloom in midseason, and hold a good while in the garden, despite spring showers, rough winds, and unseasonable heat. Darwin Hybrids are among the longest-lived tulips, so expect an encore from Beauty of Spring next spring!

Tulips are simply a must-have for the spring bulb garden. If you live in a warm climate (zone 7 or above), these beautiful bulbs may be annual, but if planted deeply in sandy, loose soil, may return for several years. Farther north, they are reliable performers for more than one season. Do plant them freely, because you will want to cut many of the blooms for the vase, too! Zones 3-8. Pack of 10 bulbs.