Leucanthemum Becky

Leucanthemum Becky

Bigger, Brighter Shasta!

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A favorite cutflower, Becky stands tall among Shastas! And not just because of its long, extra-sturdy stems! Bigger, brighter and more durable than others, it lightens up a garden or any room where displayed in a container or vase.

A vigorous bloomer on extra-sturdy stems, capable of staving off heat and humidity, Becky blooms from midsummer into fall.

These daisies measure a full 4 inches across, and are stuffed with long, slender, very eye-catching white petals and a bold golden eye. Performing better than other daisies in particularly hot and humid climates, the 40-inch tall and wide plant sets a mass of airy foliage from which dozens upon dozens of flowering stems arise.

Don't worry about cutting the flowers for vases. New buds quickly pop up as replacements. If not cut, the blooms should be deadheaded to continue the new buds setting quickly.

Though it thrives in the sun, Becky tolerates partial shade in warm, southern parts of the country. The plant is very full and billowy, just the thing for the perennial border, bank, or bed. This plant never needs staking, and doesn't mind dry spells, unseasonable heat and humidity, or even the occasional severe winter. Evergreen in the south, it bounces back from tough winters beautifully farther north.

Space plants about 3 feet apart and get your vases ready! Zones 5-9.

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Customer service is helpful
Dan in KC from KS wrote on January 18, 2013

Great company to do business with. Very helpful customer service.

Cathy Earnshaw from SC wrote on January 11, 2013

It stood up to a great deal of heat, humidity, and neglect. superb!