Begonia Seeds

Begonia Seeds – Bigger and brighter than ever before!

Park Seed is excited to offer begonia seeds for sale that will produce gorgeous blooms in a rainbow of colors. From fiery reds to pastel pinks, there are begonias to suit every taste.

The best part about planting begonias from seed is that you can grow them indoors or out, in the sun or shade. In fact, they're one of the few flowers that actually prefer shady conditions! With four to six hours of direct morning sunlight or filtered light through trees, you'll find your begonias will reach their busiest and most blossom-filled potential. However, these lovely plants will still produce gorgeous flowers even with no direct sun.

Begonias are also very easy to care for. They don't need a lot of water and can even tolerate some drought, only needing to be watered every two to four days — depending on how much moisture your soil retains. Just be sure to deadhead spent blooms regularly to encourage more flowers.

With so many color and placement options, begonias are a must-grow flower for any gardener. So get your begonia seeds from Park Seed today and enjoy these beautiful blooms all season long — from early summer until your first frost!