Tulip Belicia

Tulip 'Belicia'

Beautiful Contrast of Cherry and Cream!

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Few Tulips can equal the "dual" beauty of this Double Late (Peony-Flowered) type, for 'Belicia' opens one color and then turns another, all the while keeping its exquisite form and fresh look. The new blooms are a bright lemon-yellow with a carmine edge, adding a glorious burst of sunshine to the bulb garden. Then, as they mature, the yellow becomes cream and finally pure white, while the carmine "lipstick" deepens to rich burgundy. Spectacular!

Arising on stems just 18 inches high, these flowers are weather-resistant, opening late enough to miss the worst of the spring tempests and sturdy-stemmed enough to withstand the occasional strong wind or rainstorm. There's no doubt, however, that they last longest and appear to most beautiful advantage in the vase, where you can keep an eye on their daily color change up close!

'Belicia' is a Double Late variety, blooming at about the same time as the Parrots and the Single Lates. It unfurls to great size, but is magnificently lovely from the moment it opens, its petal tips a cluster of bright magenta at the center of the bloom. A large planting of 'Belicia' is a rewarding sight, some of the blooms fresh yellow, others streaked with cream, and still others gleaming white.

Site this Tulip in very well-drained soil receiving full sun to light shade, or plant in your favorite container. It needs no maintenance beyond enough water to keep it from drying out, and will return for years. In very warm climates, plant the bulb deeper than recommended, and mix some perlite in with heavy or clay soils to lighten it. Foolproof color, straight from the Dutch growing fields to your garden! Pack of 10. Zones 3-8.