Bell Pepper Seeds

Grow bell peppers in your home garden

Bell peppers are a favorite vegetable crop for backyard gardeners to grow from seed. They deliver high yields, exceptional flavor, and lots of delicious fruit. Bell pepper seeds from Park Seed are available in a variety of colors and are so beautiful and uniform in shape that you can make them your kitchen table’s centerpiece prior to chopping and adding delicious homegrown bell peppers to your favorite dishes. Dice and toss them on a salad, chop and stir fry to add sweet flavor to your dinner’s main course, stack them on your sandwich wrap, chop and dip in dressing or hummus, and don’t forget to grill them, too.

Add crunchy, sweet, or spicy chopped bell peppers to quinoa salads, eggs, and cold pasta dishes. Embrace summer’s BBQ season and grill peppers for a roasted flavor or put them in your smoker. Versatile and with a zing of flavor that can span a range of mild, spicy, or sweet depending on the type of bell pepper seeds you choose to grow, you’ll add texture to any savory dish. Expect a generous harvest from bell pepper seeds. The plants vary in size but are hardy and vigorous garden plants that you will enjoy growing from seed every year.

Allow your homegrown bell peppers to fully ripen on the vine for maximum nutritional value. Bell peppers are high in iron, rich in Vitamin C, low in calorie count. Their nutritional profile also includes antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds which may promote your overall health and reduce your risk of disease.

Grow bell pepper seeds in your backyard garden to enjoy a generous harvest, delicious flavor, and exceptional nutritional value fresh from the vine. In the kitchen, bell peppers are versatile for slicing, freezing, grilling, or stuffing and adding flavor to your signature side dishes and main courses. They are also great sliced and eaten raw.