Beloved™ Hybrid Tea Rose

Beloved™ Hybrid Tea Rose

Resists mildew and rust, so humid summers aren't a problem.

Plant Patent #14,104. Cultivar name: 'JAColman'. Syn. Cesar E. Chavez™

Large, fully double, and appearing on long, sturdy stems, this dark red hybrid tea captures the essence of romance! And unlike many Roses, which cannot stand the heat and humidity of southern and southwestern summers, Beloved™ is bred specifically for warmer climates, thriving all the way through zone 10. Resistant to mildew and rust, the foliage is as healthy as the magnificent blooms on this charming introduction.

The flowers are fully 4½ inches wide, packed with whorled petals that recurve slightly to lend the blooms a pointed, starry silhouette. Borne on very long stems, they are made for cutting, and are quite long-lasting in the vase. Descended from R. Olympiad™ x R. Ingrid Bergman™, it comes by its beauty and staying power honestly, but outdoes both of its famous parents for size and color intensity.

This shrub reaches 4 to 5 feet high and 2 to 3 feet wide, with very healthy foliage, thanks to its superior resistance to mildew and rust. Attractive even out of bloom, Beloved™ can be planted fearlessly in the crowded sunny border and stands up beautifully to the late-afternoon thunderstorms and humidity of many warm southern and midwestern climates.

Best of all, Beloved™ is a very reliable rebloomer, setting its heaviest flush of flowers in early summer but then continuing in waves all season. Modern vigor plus old-fashioned bloom character make this hybrid tea a favorite! Prune Hybrid Tea roses to half height or 18-20 inches above the ground in early spring. Zones 5-10.