Berberis First Editions® Limoncello™

Berberis First Editions® Limoncello™

A Multicolored Delight!

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Nothing does foliage interest like this stunning barberry bush. From spring until fall phenomenal shades of chartreuse, yellow, and a touch of red decorate the foliage. This colorful cultivar is ideal for using in borders and tucking into those tight corners which could use a burst of life and interest. Looks exceptional in mass plantings, forms a nice hedge and is the ideal size for containers as well. You'll love this versatile plant but thankfully deer despise it. As tough as it is beautiful, this shrub can also withstand drought without losing a step.

Limoncello™ blooms spring to summer, has shades of red, lime green/chartreuse, prefers sun to partial shade, color fast even in the heat of summer. Deer resistant and drought tolerant, this compact shrub makes a great accent and border plant.

NOTE: Cannot ship to IN, MA, ME, NY, or VT)