Sunjoy® Tangelo Barberry

Sunjoy® Tangelo Barberry

Maintains its bright shades from spring until frost.

Plant Patent Applied For. Cultivar name: 'O'Byrne'

A greatly improved selection of the native Barberry, this neatly mounded beauty offers brilliant orange foliage edged in chartreuse. The branching is excellent and the color strong (as well as burn-resistant) on this deciduous tree, which is left alone by deer but visited frequently by songbirds. Tangelo stands up to drought and is wheat-rust resistant, with a vigorous growth habit and breathtaking two-toned foliage. Make it a focal point in your sunny landscape!

The Sunjoy® series of Berberis is an exciting new group of compact, dense, deciduous shrubs that offers burn-resistant foliage in a vivid array of colors! They need no pruning to stay neat, don't mind urban pollution, tend to be ignored by deer, and maintain their bright shades from spring until frost. Wonderful additions to the already beautiful Barberry family!

Standing 4-5' high and wide untrimmed, it can be pruned, if you desire, during the summer. Tangelo grows well in most conditions but prefers well-drained soil. Its size, lovely foliage, and adaptability make it great for borders, groupings, mass plantings, or almost anywhere else you're looking for a splash of long-lasting color! Zones 4-8.