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Berlin F1 Berlicum Carrot Seeds

Berlin F1 Berlicum Carrot Seeds

A main season variety producing jumbo-sized, carotene-packed carrots

(P) Pkt of 200 seeds
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Days to Maturity: 90 to 113

A main season variety, best for fall harvest, Berlin, a Berlicum type carrot, is grown as a root vegetable, producing jumbo orange-skinned and -fleshed carrots that are bulky and cylindrical and packed with carotenes. Carrots are considered a superfood for their nutrient rich content, having a high (top 20) Aggregate Nutrient Density Index score (ANDI), or micronutrient-per-calorie density.

This herbaceous biennial plant, usually grown as an annual, is a member of the carrot (Apiaceae) family. It grows a rosette of finely divided leaves. Succession plantings every 2 to 3 weeks is recommended for continual harvest.

It is best grown in full sunlight and airy, loose, fertile, well-drained loamy soil free of rocks and clumps that stunt and misshape the root. It is resistant to Alternaria dauci (Ad), late leaf blight; Alternaria radicina (Ar), leaf spot; and Cercospra carotae (Cc), early leaf blight.

A cool-season, semi-hardy vegetable, one of the first to be planted in the garden, it can be direct sown into the garden as soon as the soil is workable in early spring, before the last frost date. But it can also be planted in midsummer for a fall crop. It needs cold temperatures to germinate and grow and can withstand temperatures in the 28- to 32-degree range. It not only tolerates a light frost but also becomes even sweeter.