Berry Seed Tube Birdfeeder

Berry Seed Tube Birdfeeder

A True-blue Reliable Feeder for Years of Use!

Medium Berry
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Birders all tell us the same thing: for their money, the Berry Seed Tube feeder is the absolute best all-around birdfeeder they have found. It's just made better, from the UV protection to the chew-proof fittings to the Quick-Clean® removable base. Rely on it for season after season of dependable, trouble-free feeding.

This polycarbonate tube is UV-stabilized and holds ¾ quart of seed. It has two separate feeding stations and a handsome red metal top, station protectors, and base. The base opens easily for cleaning and refilling. It even has the fittings to attach a seed-catching base at the bottom!

One of the best features of this feeder is the special seed deflector at each station. This enables birds to reach for the seed they want without tossing others out of the tube (and onto the ground below!). Birds love this feature, and so will you!

The Berry Seed Tube includes a metal hanger that slips easily over branches and hooks, making it easy to move the feeder from place to place according to season. Equipped with a lifetime warranty, it is made in the USA. Small: 12½ inches high and 3½ inches in diameter. 2 Feeding Ports. Holds ¾ Quarts of seed. Medium: 16 inches High x 3 inches Diameter. 4 Feeding Ports. Holds 1¼ Quarts of seed. Large: 18 inches high and 4 inches in diameter. 6 feeding ports. Holds 3½ quarts of seed. Made in the USA