Bio Dome for Beginners Kit

Bio Dome for Beginners Kit

Everything Needed to Start Seeds Indoors!

40-Cell Original Plus Fertilizer, Seeds, Sea Magic, and Plant Labels
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Available to begin shipping on Dec 1, 2017.
Introduce a new gardener to the joy of seed-starting indoors with this exciting gift collection, or share the pleasure of using the Bio Dome with one of your gardening friends! This kit contains everything necessary to begin sowing seeds indoors for transplanting into the garden. No matter how much or how little experience the recipient has with growing from seed, they will be successful with the Bio Dome for Beginners Kit!

This gift assortment contains Park's Original 40-Cell Bio Dome, the revolutionary indoor seed-starting system that is our all-time bestselling product. Endlessly reusable, the Bio Dome consists of a sturdy green bottom tray, a clear plastic humidity dome with adjustable vents, a styrofoam planting block with 40 bio-sponges in pre-cut cells. The bio-sponges are the perfect medium for sowing seeds and growing big, healthy seedlings; just drop one seed into the pre-drilled hole at the top of the sponge, and it will sow and grow a healthy root system straight down toward the water at the base of the tray, while the top growth gets plenty of humidity and air circulation within the dome. The Bio Dome is perfect for the kitchen counter, the top of the fridge, and on top of heat mats and below grow lights. When the seedlings are big enough to transplant, just poke them out from the base of the tray: they pop out with roots and growing medium intact, ready to make their new home in garden or container!

To get the gardener started with seeds, there is a packet of Park's Whopper Marigold Yellow in this kit as well. Marigold starts in a snap from seed, so even new gardeners will have no trouble. And it's quick, so if you're giving this kit to a child, there won't be long to wait before those first shoots start appearing!

Our seedling fertilizer is added to the water in the Bio Dome as soon as the seedlings emerge, to increase the speed and vitality of their growth. And once the seedlings are transplanted into the garden, Sea Magic is an all-natural seaweed growth enhancer that can be sprayed right onto the foliage to improve nutrient absorption. Plants really take off with Sea Magic!

Just for fun, we've also included 50 plant labels in this kit. It's difficult to tell small seedlings of different varieties apart, and these labels will help keep things straight. They're also great for marking the date of sowing and the projected transplant time.

You don't have to be a new gardener to love the Bio Dome for Beginners Kit. Folks who have started seeds all their lives in egg cartons and seed flats have transitioned to the Bio Dome and absolutely love it. Share it with gardening friends this season and see what they think . . . and be sure to pick up one for yourself, too!

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