Bio Dome Gourmet Greens Kit

Bio Dome Gourmet Greens Kit

Grow Perfect Sprouts in No Time!

Gourmet Greens Bio Dome
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Now you can germinate seeds in potting soil within the climate-controlled environment of the Bio Dome! We are proud to introduce the Gourmet Greens Kit, the most efficient way to grow all your favorite sprouting seeds.

Ready in just a few days, sprouts are packed with nutrition and have almost no calories. It's a great idea to keep sprouts growing on the kitchen countertop at all times. You can pop them into sandwiches, side dishes, and more. It's so easy with the Bio Dome!

This climate-controlled dome has a clear top with two adjustable vents, a tray for bottom watering, and an insert for sprouting seeds and growing microgreens. Removable (and replaceable -- we have it available separately as well), the insert offers ¼-inch-diameter drainage holes and a lower well measuring 10¾ inches long, 5½ inches wide, and 1½ inches deep. It rests half an inch above the base of the tray on four feet, and is easy to pop in and out for cleaning.

Sprouting seeds from mung beans to alfalfa sprouts are ideal for this Bio Dome, as well as microgreens of all kinds. Grow your greens right on the kitchen table and treat yourself to world-class nutrition with almost no work!

Overall dimensions: 13¾ inches x 8½ inches.

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