Bio Dome Seed Starter

Pro Dome Mini Greenhouse
America's Favorite Seed-Starting System
Biodome Lori Photos The Bio Dome Seed-Starting System makes growing plants from seed easy, economical, and fun for the entire family! Gardeners across America say it's the most foolproof, efficient, and successful seed starter they've ever used.

3 Easy Steps Icon The secret to the Bio Dome's success is rooted in the science of botany — you control the optimum climate. Seeds need consistent moisture to germinate, without being drowned, and the individual Bio Sponges are a soil-less medium with just the right combination of aeration and density to encourage seeds to sprout. They continually provide seeds with just the amount of water needed by wicking it up from the tray, encouraging roots to grow down toward the water and develop big, healthy supportive systems. Many gardeners tell us how nice it is to sow the garden indoors without dropping soil and water all over the floor. With the Bio Dome, you just fill the green tray with water until the styrofoam block floats.

The second successful component is the Bio Dome's clear plastic cover that traps in the heat and humidity needed to hurry along the germination process while letting in essential light. If you ever need to increase air circulation among the growing seedlings, open the vents, prop up one side of the dome, or remove the dome — it's that simple!

When your plants are ready to move into the garden, transplanting is a snap! Harden off the whole Bio Dome for a few days (using the dome cover to keep out chills at first, then gradually removing it), then just lift out the styrofoam tray and remove the plants as you need them, pushing them out from the bottom. Just pop the plant and its Bio Sponge into the soil of your garden and water it in. If you only need to plant half of the tray, the others will stay put so you can replace the ones you transplanted with new Bio Sponges, ready to sow the next crop.

The Bio Dome is extremely durable and endlessly reusable. All you have to replace are the Bio Sponges. Whichever size Dome you get, once you have the complete seed-starter kit, you need never buy another complete kit unless you want more trays. They're conveniently available in the original Bio Dome with 60-cell planting tray, a Jumbo Bio Dome with a 40-cell planting tray, or the Whopper size with an 18-cell planting tray – or go for the big Double Bio Dome and plant an entire garden's worth in a few simple steps!

We've heard from gardeners up north who rely on our Jumbo Bio Dome because they can delay their Tomatoes up to a month without having to transplant the seedlings — there's plenty of room to grow in these bigger Sponges! And the Whopper Bio Dome, which also fits into the original green tray, was designed for rooting cuttings and sowing big seeds.

The Bio Dome systems also work great with heat mats and lights to provide seeds the best conditions for starting off right. Just try it and see — with the Bio Dome your plants grow bigger and better in less space and with less mess than ever!