BioCare Mosquito Trap N Kill Refills (pack of 3)

BioCare Mosquito Trap N Kill Refills (pack of 3)

Keep the Mosquito Protection Coming!

Pack of 3
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Carrying the threat of everything from dengue to West Nile virus, mosquitoes must be banished from the home garden. There are many ways to do this, but for economical and long-lasting protection that targets egg-bearing females, we recommend BioCare. And when your first BioCare trap is finished (about 10 to 12 weeks after installing), pop in a refill to continue the protection!

This insecticide is a simple trap that lures in female Aedes and Culex species mosquitoes with a velour strip (they love the texture), water (they search for it), and a container (they lay their eggs in it). A small amount of pesticide is placed on the strip, thus eradicating not only the current female mosquitoes in the garden but preventing the birth of the next generation.

All you need to do to maintain BioCare is replenish the water periodically. This is not a trap that will fill with mosquito bodies -- many of the insects will leave the trap before dying -- but you will see results immediately. A single trap covers 25 feet of garden, and lasts up to 3 months. We recommend refilling them within 3 months, or even sooner if you get a lot of rainfall or exceptional heat.

BioCare was developed by the United States Army, and is both effective and cost-efficient. We like that it is silent, small, and inaccessible to pets and humans. Mosquitoes today are simply more than an annoyance -- they carry deadly diseases, and as gardeners who spend hours outdoors enjoying our landscape (not to mention entertaining others there as well!), we need to keep it safe! These refills ensure that mosquitoes, once banished, will not get a foothold again in your garden. Set of 3 packs.