Birdhouse and Birdfeeder Cleaner

Birdhouse and Birdfeeder Cleaner

Keep Your Backyard Birds Healthy!

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Did you know that birdfeeders should be cleaned out about once a month during warm weather? This was news to us, we admit, which is why we're so glad we found this all-natural, non-toxic, bacteria-free enzyme solution for keeping all the birding equipment clean. It works on birdfeeders, birdhouses, perches -- anywhere your feathered friends visit!

The Birdhouse and Birdfeeder Cleaner is a liquid solution that cleans up to one dozen houses, feeders, and other structures. Entirely biodegradable, it uses only natural food-grade enzymes to clean away contaminants from areas where birds visit. Dump the old seed, the shells, and anything else in the house or feeder, and then spray the structure easily and safely with this product. This cleaner makes refreshing your birding equipment a snap!

And the best thing about this cleanser is that it can't possibly hurt the birds. If you're like us, a little dirt is preferable to toxic cleaners -- an issue you never have to worry about with this spray. And actually, old seed can present more of a danger than simply "a little dirt" -- bacteria can grow in damp, exposed conditions. And we all want our birds healthy and happy in our gardens!

Rely on this all-natural cleanser for any equipment that comes into contact with wildlife. It's easy to use and very economical; just mix it with water and pop it into a spray bottle for easy application. The birds will thank you with continued visits to your feeders, perches, and houses! 4 oz. bottle.