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Birdie Wreath

Birdie Wreath

Treat the Birds to Fine Nutrition this Winter!

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Make every day a holiday for the birds with this compressed ring of premium nuts and seeds! Just hang the wreath in your backyard and watch the birds flock to enjoy the high protein food they crave. What a great holiday gift for birding friends, not to mention a year-round treat for your feathered friends!

This wreath contains 2¼ pounds of premium bird food: colored safflower seeds, black oil sunflower seeds, peanuts, and red millet. This is the high-protein nutrition birds crave, especially during the lean winter months when food can be hard for them to find. Make your garden a haven for all species by offering this wreath!

Measuring 9¼ inches in diameter and about 2½ inches deep, the Birdie Wreath fits into almost any space, hanging from a branch, hook, or other support. It is simply packed with delicious seeds and nuts, and looks terrific. The birds will welcome it, and will benefit from its nutrition all season long! Stock up and keep your backyard wildlife healthy and happy year-round! 2¼ lbs.