Winter Birdseed Chalet

Winter Birdseed Chalet

The Birdseed Chalet will house and feed your feathered friends!

10-inch Bird Lover's Gift
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This bird house literally has it all. The wooden structure is completely covered, from the roof to the bottom, in delectable seeds that will continue to feed those precious songbirds until they're ready to nest inside. The seeds used in construction include millet, canola, safflower and black oil sunflower. The house is also decorated with accents of cranberries and juniper berries that will entice hungry birds.

The house is complete with a real pinecone and red raffia bow on top. Plus, the charming little wooden fence and tiny red sled make this house a home! The berries and seeds boast a variety of colors (blue, red, cream and golden orange) that make for a stunning display. You may not want to let the birds feast on such a work of art!

You can display this charming bird house indoors, as a purely decorative piece, or put it to work outdoors! The birds will thoroughly appreciate your hospitality. Hang it next to a window, so you can watch the feast, or hang it in your favorite tree to add an artful element. A variety of birds will want to visit this humble abode including sparrows, doves, cardinals, chickadees, finches and other seed-loving breeds. If you're looking for a unique gift for the bird-lover in your life, look no further, because the Birdseed Chalet is the perfect choice. Dimensions: 10" H x 10" W x 6" D.