Black Negligee Bugbane

Black Negligee Bugbane

Dark Lacy Foliage with Fragrant Flowers!

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With lacy foliage and seductively fragrant, late-summer flowers, Black Negligee forms an enticing accent in shaded borders, shade gardens, woodland gardens and naturalized areas! Popular for its deeply cut, dark-purple leaves on branched, dark stems, it produces numerous, small flowers in long, bottlebrush-like terminal racemes up to 2 feet long.

In August and September, Black Negligee provides the creamy white blooms with a purple tinge on upright, wiry stems from the long racemes, which resemble fluffy spires. Growing 4 to 5 feet in height, the ferny, dark foliage enhances landscape with its colors and textures. Though good as specimens, they perform best in groups.

While resistant to disease and insects, Black Negligee requires consistently moist soil to maximize growth and avoid brown up. Flower spires tend to bend toward bright light, particular when the plant is grown in heavily shaded areas. Staking is normally not required, but can help.

Experienced gardeners may be wondering why Bugbane is now classified as Actaea rather than Cimicifuga. The change happened only recently, and it is purely a name change. Same lovely, dependable perennial, new name!