Blackberry Black Satin

Blackberry 'Black Satin'

Berries as Big as Golf Balls!

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Extra-large fruit the size of golf balls covers these thornless, fast-growing and ultra-hardy plants in midsummer! Smooth and glossy, the fruits are super-sweet with no sour bite. Hardy to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, these sun-loving plants are certain to delight!

Blackberries are grown much like raspberries. The plants like full sun and good air circulation. They do best in enriched garden soil that is moisture-retentive but well-drained. Plant the top of the rootball level with the soil surface, about 4 to 6 feet apart in the row, or train up a trellis.

For best growth, cut back immediately after planting, to prevent the plant from setting fruit the first year. This will give you much stronger growth and better harvests in years to come. Water well during growth, and consider mulching to conserve water until the following spring, when the mulch should be removed to let the plants warm up. In winter, cut back to about 5 canes per crown.

How many years before fruiting plants bear their first crop?
For fruiting plants such as blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, fig, honeyberry, cranberry, and grape, it takes 2 years to bear the first crop. That does not mean you may not get some fruit before then. Depending on the size and maturity of the plant shipped, you may get at least a few pieces of fruit or a small quantity produced the first year. But, by the second year, you should have your first real crop of fruit to enjoy and fruit production will increase every year thereafter.