Blackberry Plants

Juicy and Luscious Blackberry Plants

You'll soon be picking ripe, sweetly juicy blackberries by the bucketful! These blackberries are easy to plant and very cold hardy. Some blackberry plants can tolerate winter temperatures as low as -20 degrees. Blackberries require little care after the first year, often living for decades and producing reliably year after year.

Blackberries are members of the rose family, along with strawberries, peaches and many other fruits. Sending up new canes (stems) every year, blackberries tend to be quite heavy bearing. While blackberries are self-pollinating, planting two or more will dramatically increase the production of fruit. While these plants can be started from blackberry seeds, we find that our customers prefer the selection of blackberry plants we offer that are ready to produce the first year.

With two main types, erect and trailing, and numerous varieties available at Park Seed, you're sure to find the perfect blackberry for your garden! At Park Seed, we sell blackberry plants that grow in shrub form and are six feet tall, making an edible hedge. If you don’t have that much space, we have a blackberry bush that is small enough to be grown in a container on your patio and still provide you with a plentiful amount of berries to enjoy. Train the trailing blackberries on a trellis making the most of vertical gardening space. Bonus: Most of our blackberries are thornless, making picking super easy and a lot more fun!

Your blackberries will live for a long time, so plant in a rich soil with good drainage. Most blackberries don’t like wet feet — especially in winter. Other than that, use a well-balanced fertilizer each year and be prepared for the juiciest blackberries around.