Hemerocallis Blackthorne

Hemerocallis 'Blackthorne'

Reblooms Like Clockwork!

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The most beautiful Daylily in the garden may also be the most floriferous! 'Blackthorne' is a stunning tetraploid, with large flowers featuring a broad eyezone, thin edging, and ruffled petal edges. It arises very profusely in early summer, then reliably repeats at summer's end, just when the perennial border needs some fresh color. Such a treasure -- and of course, so easy to grow!

'Blackthorne' is a semi-evergreen, keeping its color through winter in mild and warm regions but not in colder areas, where heavy snow and ice layers can damage it. Hardy from northern Vermont through the deep South, it is ultra-vigorous, thanks to its tetraploid breeding -- it has twice the chromosomes of traditional diploid Daylilies, giving it stronger growth, bigger blooms, and a higher bud count.

The flowers reach 4½ inches wide, and have a base of rich cream, overlaid with a violet eyezone, matching violet edging (pencil-thin and so elegant!), and light green throat. The purple tones on this Daylily may be the darkest yet for the family, and they stand out magnificently against just about any other color in the garden.

Expect 20 to 25 buds per scape on this 26-inch-high cultivar, for many weeks of blooms twice a season. A Dan Trimmer introduction from the late 1990s, 'Blackthorne' remains one of the very best for everything from rich, dark color to floriferousness to dependable rebloom. You're going to love it in your garden! Zones 3-9.

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William E Hendry from FL wrote on April 28, 2019

I'm in zone 11. This lily is in it;s second growth. Other lilies I bought at same time are struggling. South Florida is sunny and HOT. I keep the lilies in the shade and sun of a coconut palm proving air flow and equal amounts of sun and shade. It's the only way - heat will fry them.

bill hendry from FL wrote on February 20, 2019

one of my few success's.