Gaillardia Aizona Red Shades

Gaillardia 'Aizona Red Shades'

Earlier Blooms and Many, Many More of Them!

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Available Feb 17, 2020 to open plant zones. View schedule.
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You just won't believe the flower power of Arizona Red Shades until you see it blooming -- and blooming, and blooming! -- in your garden!

The flowers are large, many-petaled, and lovely. Expect them to reach 4 inches wide and to crowd one another for space on compact plants 12 inches high and 10 to 14 inches wide. They begin blooming with the first warm weather -- typically in late spring -- and won't quit until nipped by fall frost!

Red Shades is the newest in the Arizona family of early-blooming, floriferous, compact plants. Arizona Sun revolutionized the way gardeners used Gaillardia, and Red Shades has come to claim its spot in the sunny garden!

Hardy from one end of the country to the other, this native perennial is happy in any sun-soaked spot. It puts up with heat, humidity, cold, poor soil, and -- once it has built up a good root system in your garden -- drought. The flowers are lovely for cutting, too. Zones 3-10. Cannot ship to GU, VI.