Blaze Climbing Rose

Blaze Climbing Rose

Heirloom Favorite, Often Hard to Find!

Introduced more than 75 years ago, Blaze remains a favorite climber for discerning rose growers who appreciate its multiflora cluster-flowered habit, abundant blooms, and late-season repeat. Grow a piece of history with this fine climber!

Bred from the old favorites Paul's Scarlet Climber x Gruss an Teplitz, Blaze is a vigorous climber that sets a big crop of blooms early in the season. The flowers are about 2½ inches wide, semi- to fully double, and mildly fragrant. They offer rich red color that really pops in large clusters. And they hold up beautifully on strong stems.

This climber is prepared to reach 10 to 15 feet long and up to 8 feet wide, just right for blanketing an arbor or threading through a chain-link fence. After the first, heavy flush of blooms, Blaze rests, only to repeat in late season. The leathery deep green foliage stays healthy and lush all summer, thanks to its wichuriana and Bengal Rose heritage. Blaze is one tough cookie!

Give this beautiful climber a try this season. You will love its gentle beauty, as well as the connection it gives you to gardeners of the past. Our great-grandmothers might have grown and admired Blaze when it was introduced by Jackson & Perkins all those years ago, and now it's time to rediscover it in our own garden!