Protecting Your Garden Plants from Early Frosts and Freezes

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Posted on 10/05/2023

Gardening is a labor of love, and there's nothing more disheartening than seeing your precious plants succumb to an unexpected frost or freeze. But fear not, fellow gardeners! With the right tools and techniques, you can shield your garden from the cold and ensure that your plants thrive even when temperatures drop.

Park Seed is an excellent source for some of the best supplies available to protect your garden plants. Let’s look at the different options, features, benefits and specific uses for flowers and vegetables.


Frost Tunnels and Mesh Fabric

Frost tunnels and garden fabric are essential tools for any gardener looking to protect their plants from early frosts. These lightweight, breathable materials provide a barrier against cold air, trapping heat and keeping plants warm.

  • For Flowers: Frost tunnels are excellent for delicate flowers that can't handle the cold. They allow sunlight and moisture to penetrate, ensuring that your blooms remain vibrant and healthy.
  • For Vegetables: Garden mesh fabric is a top choice for vegetable gardens. It not only offers thermal protection but also acts as a barrier against pests.

Insulating Plant Protectors

Jackets and KOZY-COATS are heavy-duty plastic protectors that you place over plants. Each protector has hollow tubes that you fill with water. The sun warms the water and releases heat to the plant protecting it from wind, rain, and frost.

  • For Flowers: Jackets are perfect for individual flowers or specimen plants. They provide temperature regulation and, once inclement conditions pass, are easily removable to conveniently store for future use.
  • For Vegetables: Plastic jackets or plant protectors are ideal for tender and young vegetable plants, offering protection from both cold, wind, and frost.

Flexible, Removable, Reusable Greenhouses

Easy to assemble and made of heavy duty plastic, these temporary greenhouses act as an insulators. They warm up quickly in the sun and help plants retain soil moisture.

  • For Flowers: Plastic greenhouses are great for flower beds. They not only protect from frost but allow sun to filter through for continued growth.
  • For Vegetables: Because weather in early and late seasons is unpredictable, a removable plastic shelter provides excellent insulation and protection for temperature swings.

Watering Before a Frost for Soil Insulation

Watering your garden before a predicted frost can make a significant difference. Wet soil retains heat better than dry soil, releasing it slowly overnight and providing warmth to plants. This technique is beneficial for both flowers and vegetables. Just ensure you water early in the day, so plants are not wet when the frost hits.

Protecting your garden from early frosts and freezes is helpful to ensure the health and longevity of your plants. With the right supplies from Park Seed, you can easily combat the cold and extend your growing season.