Uncover the Legacy of Park's Whopper Seeds

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Posted on 02/02/2024

What Makes a Whopper Seed Unique?

Since our founding in 1868, Park Seed has been a leader in delivering excellence to gardeners across the nation. Among our prized offerings, our exclusive Whopper seeds stand out as a testament to our dedication to quality, yield, and taste. Developed through meticulous selection and breeding processes, the Park’s Whopper seeds have carved a niche for themselves, showcasing our commitment to non-GMO, high-germination seeds.

Park's Whopper tomato

1969 - Park's Whopper is Born!

The first Tomato Park's Whopper is introduced. At this time, the catalog is so flower focused, that the Whopper tomato isn't even featured! Not even a color photo. Just a call out that it’s 'new this year.'

Originating from a rich heritage of gardening excellence, the Whopper seeds were introduced to offer gardeners fruits that are not only larger in size but also superior in taste. Drawing from a century of expertise, the development of Whopper seeds has been a journey of passion, devoted to enhancing the gardening experience for beginners and seasoned growers that was 100 years in the making.


Why Choose Whopper Seeds?

Gardeners prefer Whopper seeds for several compelling reasons. Their ability to produce significantly larger fruits without sacrificing flavor sets them apart. Whether it's the robust taste of the tomatoes or the juicy sweetness of the peppers, Whopper seeds ensure a bountiful harvest of delicious produce – and flowers, too.

The Development of Superior Seeds

While the 1970s may be known for unrest, Park Seed was busy perfecting the Whopper and introducing new seed varieties.

  • 1973 - Tomato Park's Whopper '73 introduced
  • 1975 - Tomato Park's Whopper '75 VF Hybrid Introduced, popularly known as “the home gardener's dream tomato.”
  • 1976 - 1976 - Pepper Park's Whopper introduced
  • 1978 - Cucumber Bush Whopper introduced

Through innovative breeding techniques and a relentless focus on quality, Park Seed has enhanced the Whopper variety to resist common plant diseases, thrive in a wide range of climates, and yield an abundant harvest. The result? Fruits that are not only larger and tastier but also more plentiful.

Park's Junior Whopper tomato

Whopper and Junior Whopper Seeds

The Whopper line now extends beyond the originals, including Junior Whopper seeds in which the improvements are not so much focused on size of the fruit, but the incredible taste and quantity of fruit that is produced on the vines. Ideal for smaller spaces, Junior Whopper varieties maintain the exceptional qualities of their larger counterparts, offering versatility without compromise on the size of the harvest and taste of the fruits.

The Superiority of Park's Whopper Seeds

In the competitive gardening market, Whopper seeds are unmatched. Their resilience, coupled with Park Seed's non-GMO promise, ensures that gardeners are planting seeds that lead to healthy, vigorous plants capable of outperforming others in both yield, hardiness, and flavor.

At Park Seed, we don't just sell seeds; we study, trial, hybridize, and perfect to help gardeners achieve their dreams of lush and productive gardens. Whopper seeds embody our legacy of excellence, offering an unparalleled gardening experience. Embrace the joy of gardening with Whopper seeds and watch as your garden flourishes with taste and abundance.