Azalea Bloom-a-Thon® Red

Azalea Bloom-a-Thon® Red

Cold-hardy, and Compact Enough for a Container!

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The Bloom-a-Thon® series of evergreen, repeat-flowering Azlaeas from Proven Winners® has brought the beauty of this shrub into containers and small-space gardens everywhere! Now we have a gorgeous red-flowered variety just a few feet high and wide and packed with blooms from spring through fall!

These gorgeous evergreen shrubs flower in spring and again in mid- to late summer until fall. They're cold hardier than others, yet also quite heat tolerant, so they work in gardens from one end of the country to the other. And they are compact enough for container gardens. They even self-clean, so new buds set more quickly and the shrub stays looking fresh.

Bloom-a-Thon® Red is just 2½ to 3½ feet high and wide, with evergreen foliage and excellent branching. It forms a dense little shrub covered in flowers -- perfect for any setting from the border to the foundation, as an accent or specimen, and of course in patio containers.

We are delighted with this new series of Azaleas, and we believe you will be too. Begin growing the beauty of Bloom-a-Thon® this season! Zones 7-9.

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